Flower Care

Bouquet & Vase Care

Upon receiving a bouquet from us, you'll notice it's delicately wrapped in water crystal gel. This gel serves the purpose of keeping the flowers hydrated during transit. While the gel sustains them for a few hours, it's advisable to transfer the flowers to a vase with fresh water at your earliest convenience. For those with a green thumb, you can repurpose the gel to enhance water retention in your potted plants or flower beds. Alternatively, it's eco-friendly and biodegradable, so it can be disposed of in your bin.

Once unwrapped, take a moment to recut the flower stems at a 2cm angle and place them in a clean, appropriately sized vase with cold fresh water.

Remember to refresh the vase water every 2 days and also trim the flower stems during this interval. To maintain the vitality of your arrangement, ensure no foliage or flowers are submerged below the water line, as this helps thwart the growth of bacteria. It's important that all the flower stems are submerged in the water.

Optimal care involves sheltering your flowers from direct sunlight, drafts, and extreme temperature changes such as those from air-conditioning or heating. Because flowers are sensitive to abrupt shifts in temperature, it's wise to position them in a cooler spot.

As flowers may wilt at varying rates, promptly remove any wilting blossoms to prevent the potential spread of bacteria to other flowers.

Arrangements in Boxes and Pots

For arrangements set in boxes or pots, the floral foam within demands consistent attention. This foam serves as the lifeline for each flower stem, requiring a daily to every second-day water top-up. Ensuring the foam is immersed in water is essential for the flowers to stay nourished and hydrated. You can accomplish this by locating the back of the arrangement and gently pour water using a spouted container, maintaining the water level until it aligns with the foam. Take care not to overfill.

Much like with bouquets, maintaining an optimal environment is key. Shield your arrangement from direct sunlight, drafts, and extreme temperature fluctuations. By providing a stable temperature, you contribute to their longevity.

At Red Earth Flowers, we believe that understanding these care steps elevates your flower experience. By following these simple guidelines, you ensure that your flowers remain a vibrant and lasting expression of beauty.